About us

Khemai Diamonds is one of the few jewellers that provides high-value service. It is investing in technology and capability that can be applied on instant terms. The company has established strong positions within products and service in this competive sector. The success of our products are shown by their beauty and quality. That gains rapidly and substantialy in the market share. The company seeks to add value for its customers with aftermarket services that will enhance the performance and reliability of our products.

Khemai Diamonds aims to be 'the best to deliver excellence' in everything we do. The company has a rich history and today is one of the rare jeweller in the heart of Amsterdam. Our reputation for producing high-quality products is precious to us but we also firmly believe that our customers should be satisfied with their demands. The diversity of our people and culture is a key strength of our handling. It encompasses us, the products that we provide and the technologies and solutions that we are developing for the future. We are building long-term relationships with our customers, to extend our reputation.